Dance In His Name

Psalm 149:3
“Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel
and harp.”


No. We have contracted with the venue for a specific rental day and time.

Unfortunately, no. The “Call Time” is the time that all teams can check in for the event.

Yes, please call to inquire for group sizes 10 and over. Please refer to the Group Discount Link for specific rates.

That’s an easy question– Dancing in his name and glory!

Yes, it will. Videos are also available for purchase on the website.

Yes, we do.  It’s the “quest for the best team”, right? 🙂

We would suggest confirming your dance team members, dance selection and choreography and then rehearsing those pieces for the best performance you can give the day of the event.

No, teams will not have an opportunity to practice on stage before the event.

If they sit in a physical seat, then a ticket must be purchased for them.

Depends on the number of teams participating, but usually around 2 – 2 ½ hours.

We have event flyers available via email distribution for teams to get the word out to their supporters.

No, the dancers and the dance ministry leader do not have to pay. Any person outside of that group will have to pay to attend the event.

Yes, you can.  Each team, however, will have to pay a separate registration fee.

Yes, we have had all male teams as well as male dancers as a part of mixed teams.

No, you do not. We changed that requirement in 2014 to extend opportunities for all.

Videotaping & Photography is strictly prohibited during the competition and prior to the event as well. Use of flash photography or videotaping could result in disqualification of the Team in question.

Performance DVD’s will be made available for purchase on the day of the event.

They judges vary from year to year. They are dance professionals from all walks of “dance”.

Although we want to enjoy all of the teams that participate, we also want to make this an event that is conscious of everyone’s time.

No, all music must be on a separate disc for the competition.

Yes, of course. That is one of the main benefits to this unique event.

No, all types and ages of praise dance teams can participate.

Yes, all dancers must be at least 9 years old by January 1 of the event year.

Yes, we have teams from all of the country that participate in this event.

This event is important because it creates a unique platform to open up to the masses the art and dance discipline related to Liturgical/ Praise Dancing. As a dance organization, we felt the need to put this platform out into the universe, as with other dance genres which all require self-discipline and commitment, amongst other things.

“DIHN” believes that life is a competition in so many ways that we live our normal lives. “Dance In His Name” is a dance platform built around fostering positive interaction amongst Praise Dance teams from all walks of life. Similar to a choir competitions, Church basketball leagues or the like, it’s all about the intent, how its presented and what the overall focus is. Our focus with DIHN is dance, creativity, public exposure and of course, honoring our Lord and Savior as a part of this dance event.

Yes, it is.  This event honors the spirit of dance in worship within a public format.

Yes, for the sake of time, if at all possible. We only have a short amount of time from the call time to the actual start of the event.

“The Quest for the Best Praise Dance