Dance In His Name

Psalm 149:3
“Let them praise His name in the dance: let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel
and harp.”


Please read this section carefully, as it details all areas related to teams participating in the “Dance in His Name” Praise Dance Showcase & Competition event. Please feel free to contact us if you need clarification or have any questions about anything listed here.

Team Members must be at least 9 years of age as of January the same year of the competition and must also be a legal resident of one of the fifty (50) United States.

Dance Teams must be between 5 – 25 members in size; No team can have less than 5 members.

Neither the Team, nor any of its Members may be a party to any type of professional dance troupe, dance company, under contract, or any other type contractual arrangement that would prohibit or restrict the Team or any of its Members from participating is this amateur based showcase and competition.

Music must be edited, in advance, if need be, to meet contest time requirements. Music submitted must be recorded at the proper speed and should be a good quality recording. The participating team can submit their performance CD on the day of the competition. Please also have a back up CD on hand. Music must be in an MP3 high quality CD format and must be playable from all media sources. Please check to make sure it can be played from another source outside of what you normally use. All CD’s should be clearly labeled with the Church name, contact name, performance song name & phone number. Music can be picked up at the conclusion of the competition at the sound booth. A cassette player will NOT be available at the event. Music for your team performance cannot be played via a computer or any other source.


Dance performance must be at least 2.5 minutes in length and no longer than 4.5 minutes. Teams will be penalized by point deductions for performances longer that 4.5 minutes.

The use of related dance props will be allowed during your presentation. A prop is defined as anything that you dance with that is not attached to your costume. No props with special effects e.g. steam, smoke, lighting machine can be used. Props must be picked up immediately after your performance by a team dancer or someone else you designate to clear the stage so that the next team can be ready to perform. Props cannot be “borrowed” the day of the event from the competition facility for any reason. Teams will be penalized if props are used outside of what was indicated on your original and / or updated form from check in the day of the event.

Participating Dance Team Members and the Ministry Leader will not need tickets for the event. All others involved with the team will need to purchase tickets in advance or on the day of the event.

All entries must be accompanied by payment in full, if applying after the “early bird” deadline in order to be processed and confirmed for the dance competition. A complete entry/registration packet will consist of: Online Registration Form, Team Roster and an original signed Release Form. Registration fees for “Dance In His Name” are non – refundable.

The judges for the event will be appointed at the sole discretion of the event organizer, Ballet On Wheels. As the teams make their presentations, the judges will score the teams using a point system, per category. The first place team will have a score closest to 300 points.

The judges’ scores will be AVERAGED together to determine the overall team score using a secondary tally group. Only official printed forms obtained from the rules and regulations committee shall be used by all judges.


All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good and respectful sportsmanship throughout the Competition with positive presentation upon entry and exit from the performance area, as well as throughout the showcase and competition. The Team Representative is responsible for seeing that all team members conduct themselves accordingly.

“Dance In His Name” is open to all types of praise dance styles and genres, including, but not limited to: Lyrical, Contemporary, Mimes, Christian Step Teams, African, Classical, Jazz, & Hip Hop.

A panel of up to five competent judges consisting of either dance instructors/educators, dance performers, professional dancers, or dancers with competition experience may be used. All judges for the competition agree to judge in an impartial manner.

There are five categories that make up the judging criteria for each competition team.
Creativity / Originality -25
Coordination / Synchronization – 10
Technical Merit -25
Attire / Costuming –  10
Overall Impression / Performance Presentation -30

Overages and shortages in time requirements will result in a 5 point deduction from the overall score.

The highest possible score, per judge, for a dance team is 100 points.

Any team that does not adhere to the terms and procedures of the “Official Rules” and will be subject to disqualification from the competition and will automatically forfeit any rights to any awards presented by “DIHN”.

The “Dance In His Name” trophies and cash awards (available in check form only) will be available on the day the decision is made to the winning teams.

Accordion Content

Dance teams should arrive at the designated call time only as communicated by the event organizer. Time permitting, dance teams will have a brief chance to use the performance space for spacing and teching prior to the event.

Videotaping & Photography is strictly prohibited during the competition and prior to the event as well. Use of flash photography or videotaping could result in disqualification of the Team in question.

Performance DVD’s will be made available for purchase on the day of the event.

The official MC will announce the new teams to the stage and manage the flow of the competition. Names of official team winners will be announced during the trophy award presentation only at the end of the performance competition.

The Competition’s Organizer shall have the ultimate authority to interpret “Official Rules” for DIHN and have the right to make any changes to them as necessary.

Neither the Team, nor any of its Members may be a party to any type of professional dance troupe, dance company, under contract or any other type contractual arrangement that would prohibit or restrict the Team or any of its Members from participating is this amateur based showcase and competition.

All Teams grant permission to the “Dance In His Name” Praise Dance Competition to use their names, photographs, and / or to appear on local television, brochures, flyers, and/or the “Dance In His Name” website for future promotions or advertising.

The safety of all dancers is paramount. A Backstage Manager, Team Representative and First Aid Kit will be at all DIHN events.

There must be at least 7 teams participate each year in order for the event to not be cancelled.

“The Quest for the Best Praise Dance